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Timeless Productions is the nations most complete events architecture firms.

Events Concierge Services

Events Concierge is a white glove service offering our clients the assurance their event will meet or exceed their expectations…with a minimum investment of their time.

•1-on-1 Consultation

•Needs Analysis

•Project/Event Plan

•Guest Confirmation


•Vendor Selection


•Contract Negotiations






•Room Design



•Registration Process

•Personal Assistant Services

•Budget Analysis

•Cost Containment Strategies

•Satisfaction Surveys w/ Analysis

•Wrap-up Report


The EC model is based on the TIMELESS principle “We Are A Listen Before We Lead Company”. From the initial consultation to event theme idealization, venue/site selection to food vendor, decor, entertainment, day-of-event management and budget management services our Events Concierge concept is the blue-ribbon of event planning services.

TIMELESS has literally redefined the event planning industry with Events Concierge!

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…Events Concierge is the blue-ribbon of event planning services! They literally do not allow you to lift a finger…AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!
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Gobo Lighting

Enjoy personal lighting at your event! Choose from personal images or monograms; with corporate events allow your logos and corporate identity to be projected. Images can be displayed  onto surfaces, such as the wall, dance floor, curtain, ceiling or wherever else you see fit.